On hook at Porto das Lajes, Ihla das Flores, Azores 39:22.8N 31:10.0W

Sue & Alan
Thu 29 May 2014 16:10
Dropped hook at 0620 UT this morning after 12 days, 17 hours and 1,752NM since departing Bermuda, which works out at average speed 5.7kn. About right considering we sailed very slowly for couple of days to close on casualty Cheeki Rafiti last known position and then motored on donk the last 600 odd NM, when we would have been sailing much faster virtually whole way here.
On arrival, first priority was to send Sue email, itching to know we are safely hooked to seabed here, so that Sue could pour herself early G&T to celebrate with us!!!
2nd priority, open bottle of bubbly and savour the moment (followed by glass of wine) then internet (frustratingly iffy & slow here - but freely available, which is nice touch) then back to bed for couple of hours. Having flogged clocks 3 hours forward at 0100 when I came on watch half six felt more like half three.
Up at midday, genny on, watermaker on, washing machine on. 2nd wash on at 2 o'clock. Loads out on deck-washing lines then guess what..... bloomin ill-timed dasterly downpour. No way we could get almost dry washing in without it getting wet, not in 30kn wind and driving rain. Now all our washing (2 loads) is distributed inside yacht spaces hoping sheets and pillow cases will be dry enough before bed time tonight.
Lajes seems exceptionally quiet. Was planning to go ashore and do little recci. This depends on whether it stops raining for long enough.
Have every thing set-up too go up mast and visit knackered V1 top swaged wire fitting. That will also have to wait until it stops raining and not so windy.
So end of this eastward lengthy ocean passage across the Atlantic. It seems to have gone quite quickly and will always be remembered for many moments of pleasure although most of all for the profound loss of four guys who we'll never know who lost their lives having fun whilst sailing Cheeki Rafiti in same waters.