Towards Symi 36:11N 029:26E

Sue & Alan
Wed 20 Apr 2016 05:32
Enjoyed couple very pleasant nights tied to dirt outside Lazarakis taverna at Kastellorizon. An hour and half before sunset yesterday we walked up the many stone steps to view the sun setting, just giving us enough time to be off the mountain before dark. As the last time, harder on the knees descending. It's been very quiet save for the warship's generator buzzing away all night. On our first night we were the only visiting yacht with a cat to starb'd who left at dawn next morning and since then we were by ourselves. The place is very quiet. It's early season and the locals are hoping mid-summer will see the return of tourists. These days there are signs of plenty Syrians in transit and we're told there were several thousand passing through last year although numbers are significantly reduced more recently. A real and sad picture of the the times we live and the dangers people of some nations are having to respond to. For us though, as with previous visits we've had good time, eatin
g Lazarakis's pork chops, using his wi-fi and chillin' out in such a unique place, so close to Turkiye.
Up at six this morning. Sue at bakery for fresh bread whilst I prepared lines. It'll be a long day. 85NM or so. Next stop Panormittis (AKA Aperatinitus) Symi......... and hoping for a timely entrance and hook in dirt before dark.
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At 20-Apr-16 05:08 UT our position was 36°11.66'N 029°25.49'E