Pethi Nisos Symi towards Ormos Kamari, Nisos Kos 36:40N 27:13E

Sue & Alan
Sat 12 May 2012 09:33
Dropped hook near to friends Sandra and Ray (s/y Stratagen) last
Thursday evening and much enjoyed dinner and drinks aboard their yacht
that evening. It was a relatively long day, spent mostly tacking into
a F5 to 6 headwind being close-hauled. Consequently after 78Nm taking
11 hours I was a little tired after taking in their grand GandT`s,
dindinz and one of two bottles white wine. Hence began dozing in their
cockpit. Around midnight, back on board Ticketeeboo I had two sleeps.
First in he saloon because I wanted to charge batteries a little and
make water same time. I successfully started generator and achieved
the former but fell asleep for an hour or so before realising I had
failed to make water, which only works when switched on! On awaking at
half one turned generator off and slept like a log until after 8.
Sandra, Ray and I then bussed it into Simi where we did 3 tours of the
harbour, between Harbour Master Office and Port Police,who strangely
have offices on opposite sides of the bay with an expanse of water
between so hense the lng walks! Shopping: Not have Greek SIM +30
6978151792 because Turkiye phone mo work where I'm heading. Also
bought Greek data SIM for internet. Unfortunately discusted to find
Turkcell dongle is locked so now need new Greek dongle. In supermarket
ordered beer, wines and foodstuffs for delivery to Pethi. All sorts
quality meet (correct . . . .from butcher) also mixture of veg and
fruit (not from butchers!). On returning to the yacht, thats when I
found out my dongle is locked. Hence set off to get bus to and from
Symi. Ray saw me in the RIB and said "Why don't you go round in your
RIB?" Good idea thinks me so I did. It is a long way round made are
the more exciting when I hit strong wnds and BIG waves head-n after
rounding the headland . I got drenched and bounced but I kept my
rucksack from getting soaked because it had phones,ongle and laptop in
it. Unforunately the phone shop did not open for over an hour (Greek
lunch 2 till 5 plus 20 minutes late opening meant I was hanging about
drying out for over 1 and 1/2 hours, only to be told the last dongle
was sold before lunch! It's a bummer. Filled up with petrol otherwise
the trip back to Pethi would have taken ages!
I cooked, essential supplies were delivered and we had a good evening
on Ticketeeboo putting the world to rights.
This morning up and underway at 6. Due west fourty odd miles towards
Kos. Said byebye to Sandra and Ray as they head further north towards
Corinth. I'm taking amore southerly route round the Peloponnese
towards the Ionian.
Nearly forgot to mention one other little oversight. Having cocked-up
with watermaker previous night I took opportunity to make up for it
next moning before going into Symi. I successfully turned the
watermaker off before leaving the yacht and discovered generator
running happily 5 hours later when returning on RIB. Yep! I am missing
My Lover xxx