On hook Katakolon 37:39.1N 21:19.4E

Sue & Alan
Wed 23 May 2012 19:45
Today has been one of the best close reaching in W F4-5most of th
time. A little more in the squals. I managed,by luck, to miss most of
the actual rain until the vinegar stroke -just as I was approaching
the anchorage and preparing to drop the hook. It was almost dark as
well as pissin' own and it got cold too! Anyway superb anchorage with
5m depth and a sticky bottom. Taking no chances I've put 35m chain
out! Loads of swinging room so who's to moan? 2 hours before the
approach I decided on a superb tea (AKA 'Dinner' for posh'uns). Listen
to this then: Greek pork sausage (done in the George Foreman), onion
chips (done in the Actifry) fried egg (yer I know what you thinking
"Done in the pan!") with four slices fresh bread from Pylos
baker,delicately washed down with a glass or three of Dymi rose wine.
For sweet it's fresh Pylos cherris and ice cream and more wine. As I
pu first cut into me sausage Lou Reed 'Perfect Day' came on the ipod.
Only one thing could make the day more perfect.......... and I've got
to wait until Sunday 3rd June for that! Only problem is though, you
wanna see all the washing up I have to do? Move on McDuff.
Good night My Lover.I'm looking afer me for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS Other good news today is that our friends Angie and Wayne are
driving UK to Prveza to get their sailing yacht Hitrapia sparkling in
preparation for selling her soon perhaps?
http://www.hitrapea.co.uk/ale.htm . We get so part with them again