Another week at Gibraltar

Sue & Alan
Thu 19 Mar 2015 23:46
When I left Ticketeeboo three weeks ago............ I had little or no time to spare. Sue & I returned last week and needed to busy ourselves making Ticketeeboo clean and presentable again. The first few days raced by. After putting our aft cabin back together I concentrated on the outside jobs and Sue kept busy mostly below decks as well keeping us fed and watered. Our refurbished bimini & sprayhood are now re-fitted, re-waterproofed and look really good. If anything perhaps even better than new because 'Tarifa Sam' sam {CHANGE TO AT} altasails {DOT} com  has done an excellent job and our inspired addition of 'Thompsons (builders merchants) water repellent has worked a treat. We patiently awaited a day with minimum wind and with some reservation our refurbished and improved mainsl was duly re-fitted; complete with full length vertical battens. This took us 3 hours from start to finish and pleased to say that we're chuffed as Punch with Sam's work here too. Our celebrations will be complete when we get to re-fit our jjbsl & genoa - then we'll be ready to go sailing again. In meantime, we've cleaned, checked and re-lubricated our mainsl and genoa furlers, leaving just the jib furler for next time (fingies crossed). The last good thing worth mentioning is Liverpool's win on Monday evening. After that the rain and wind came, and came, and came. Tuesday was a washout and Wednesday was wet and cold. So wet and cold even incoming flights couldn't land at Gibraltar and were diverted to Malaga. Fortunately, landings resumed this morning and we were able to enjoy another uninteresting flight home (yippee).
We can see the fruits of our labour on the horizon and we're pretty pleased.......... at least until our next surprise. In meantime we have a DYL 'dinner and museum visit' to enjoy and grandchildren to amuse some more.......... whilst we await warmer days and more reliable sunshine. Lazing about on deck only happens in TV adverts and crappy movies.