Ormos Yerolimena (AKA Ormos Gerolimin) 36:28.7N 22:23.9E

Sue & Alan
Tue 15 Sep 2015 17:07
After departing Methoni yesterday, we headed few NM following the coastline, heading mostly S & E until we reached Koroni, late morning. Enjoyed pleasant walk ashore having a ganda at the ruinous fortifications. Having filled our boots (again) with rocks, stones & bones we established ourselves in a lovely sea-front taverna and partook in a platter of tasty grilled octopus, followed by a platter of grilled sardines. Possibly some of the best ever?  Needless to say neither of us felt hungry later same evening so halved a cake with couple glasses wine then bed.
This morning we moved due E, heading initially towards Ormos Diros. We'd read about the extensive cave system so with a promised favourable wind (or the lack of any) we decided it would be OK to leave Ticketeeboo on the hook whilst we enjoyed a touristy cave visit. What a delight! The first part of the visit was a 1.2km punt through the cave system. We've never seen so many stalagmites & stalagtights anywhere and the cave system at Diros makes others seem small. After floating round the system for some 30-40 minutes we had a casual 300m walk to enjoy even more of the same décor. Highly recommended.
Enjoyed lunch on Ticketeeboo, following which we pulled the hook up and set-up for a gentle sail, heading mostly S towards Ormos Yerolimena (AKA Ormos Gerolimin) where we are enjoying being the only visiting yacht (yet again for another night). 
Ah yes! Must mention squiddy's success. Within half hour of departing Koroni, just after preparing yoghurt & fruit breakfast and before I even got first mouthful home, we spotted the tell-tail signs and could see evidence of squiddy's success. We simply left things be whilst we polished-off our morning scrummy then reeled-in the most verocious 1kg tuna imaginable!!! Sue suggested, it being on the small side, maybe we should put it back? After landing it we could see it's a handy-size 2-man fish and without head, guts, scales and tail............ it's sliced and in our freezer. Well done squiddy. First for this time out. We're (me) hoping for more to come! Sue'll suggest anything to avoid a tuna-mountain! Tonight it's prawns (which we bought in Pylos).
Love to T,S,R & M and F,S,P & J xxxxxxx

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