Ormos Kapari, ½M SE of Ermiono on S coast Peloponni sos 37:22.95N 23:14.10E

Sue & Alan
Sat 3 Sep 2016 07:26
Since departing Kilada we've enjoyed a 15NM sail towards Porto Kheli and a 15NM sail (mostly donking) towards this place. To keep our averages going, we intending yet another 15NM sail towards a little island at the eastern end of the mainland peninsula called Nisos Spathi. We've some fairly strong N'ly winds expected to blow-through today and tomorrow so will continue to seek-out anchorages with good protection from the N. After tomorrow the wind is due to go AWOL so it'll likely be just one night with hook in at Nisos Spathi followed by a jolly good sail acros the Saronic Gulf tomorrow. That'll be double our recent form because it's twice as far.
We're almost on the last of our Kilada water and will thankfully be using our own 'home brew' after this morning. We've a pretty good activated carbon filter, which is probably well in need of an element replacement by now? Does put you off suppin tea when there's a residue clingin' to the inside white porcelain. Thanks to our good friend Carl, who sent us a new (replacement) watermaker motor when our original unexpectedly went NFU few months ago. Pleased to report, our repairs to watermaker as well refrigerator continue to proove ticketeeboo, yippee!
Have plenty provisions on board and enough fresh fruit and veg to keep us regular for at least another week. That said, there's an unwritten policy to get us ashore and eat at local taverna regularly. Just that here and next place there's nowt local and we ain't gonna leave Ticketeeboo when strong winds might be imminent.
Love to S,R,T & M and F,J,S & P xxx