On passage towards Sardinia

Sue & Alan
Fri 17 May 2013 00:29
Presently just 50NM due east of destination, which could be Cala Pira, Porto Giunco or even Villasimus. This is because the weather gods have been giving us some problems to contend with. When we departed Vulcano it initially looked like we would have SE'lys going into SW'lys. Then areas of instability took over and last night/early hours this morning we were running under bare poles at 7kn in 50-60kn severe gale. Rather exciting and definitely one to be missed. During the morning the seas were big and rough. During the afternoon the sea state finally began to settle, only to get worked-up again towards dusk. The wind (bless it) is now typically and mostly F6 'on the nose' making our run-in quite arduous in big seas. We were close-hauled taking nut when needing to reef our gib we could no longer achieve 35º apparent so sails away and on with the donk. (It also makes my like easier in these conditions).
We are hoping for some rest in Sardinia before moving on towards Menorca. We'll need a few days for Sue to get her appetite back?
Love to S S F & T xxxxxx