Jolly Harbour Marina, Antigua

Sue & Alan
Sat 22 Mar 2014 23:21
That's it. Done for now! We'ze now tied-up to land with no less than seven lines. 2 x bow lines attached to piles, 1 x mid-ships spring to port pile, 2 x winter stern lines and 2 x stern outer lines. We ain't going anywhere we don't wanna go for now!
Gorra say "Jolly Harbour Marina is one laid-back place to be." We have no problems being here. This is despite the 220V 60Hz electrical power supply being no-good for us! Everything else is very compatible though. Marina staff are delightfully friendly and helpful. Local supermarket is one of the best we've seen in Caribbean. Rum punch is good very good too!
So here we are. We've visited a lorra places these last 6-7 weeks and we are delighted to be at our favoured destination, almost ready to chew the boot and fly home for four weeks. Hence, all the lines!!!
We even have internet access, which is a bit of a joke because it's not the quickest! Maybe there's a turtle on the treadmill?
Tip of the day............. if anyone's thinking of taking a sunny holiday at this time of the year....... Jolly Harbour in Antigue might be just perfect!
One special mention for tonight..... we hope our lovely Daughter-in-law, Rachel, has a wonderful 34th Birthday xxxxxxxx.
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