Day 3 - on hard Preveza

Sue & Alan
Wed 4 Jul 2012 19:27
Awoke this morning to the sound of a distant grinder at 7 o'clock. Tried to ignore it but the grinder won! Good job really because Les Wood (Ionian Fibreglass) arrived at about half eight with some green garden netting and a roll of cardboard. I've thoroughly cleaned and sun-dried our sprayhood and bimini, inside & out, and they are now folded neatly in our for'd cabin. The green garden netting is now over the boom, covering the cab-top and cockpit in place of them because Les will need some protection from the sun when he starts work on our cab-top gelcoat. The roll of cardboard is to protect our teak decks. Les says that the plumice blasters will be here early tomorrow morning. Before seven was murmured! They will be using a water and compressed air based system, which propels plumice (volcanic rock grit) which is comparatively soft so as only to abrade the surface paint on our hull without damaging our gelcoat, in preparation for re-doing our Coppercoat antifouling. We won't know how much of the epoxy primer needs to be removed until they firstly work on a test area. Fingers crossed!
In the meantime, I've been busy with some other jobs, radar scanner is now pole-mounted and I've been preparing to install our new ground-plates. I'll need to buy a larger waterproof terminal box for our scanner cable and can't start drilling holes to mount ground-plates until after the new Coppercoat is finished. Hence, both these jobs remain incomplete for now.
So, I'm looking forward to seeing our hull work progress tomorrow although I'm not particularly looking forward to the early start. It's 10:30 so I'de better cook myself some tea (dinner if yeah's posh) and tidy-up a bit!
Goodnight My Lover xxxxx