South Glossy Bay, Canouan 12:41.90N 061:21.195W

Sue & Alan
Tue 4 Feb 2014 17:44
A lovely 3 hour sail from Union Island and now, for first time, dropped hook in a deserted bay, white sandy beach and seabed. Picked out this place because the pilot book, which has been giving some bum info recently, fails to say good things about here........ and it's quite outstanding. The first place we've come into where there ain't loads of other boats already on the hook or on mooring buoys. Whilst we would like to keep this place a secret, other passing yachts will be able to see us so we expect they might get the inkling to join us........ hopefully not!
Why choose here? Because we spent last night amongst many other yachts and between two reefs. When the squalls came through at 30+kn & heavy rain, we held tight. At least two others near us didn't. Fortunately they cleared us as they dragged towards the reef astern of us! Too many yachts and too little swinging room makes for a nasty recipe when the weather gets bit shitty. Any ideas of going into Tabago Cays were consequently dropped in favour of this beautiful place. Even the sailing here (close hauled again) 15NM/2½ hours was very enjoyable. Once again no problems with our mainsl. Just a pity we had to get a lorra seawater all over the decks after visiting the free freshwater yachtwash last night.
Our Son, Michael, is thirty six years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday Michael. Have a great Birthday and only four more years to yeah's 40th too, and it's creeping up slowly, slowly! xxx
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At 04/02/2014 15:22 UT our position was 12°42.31'N 061°23.65'W