Underway in a washing machine 36:36N 22:05E

Sue & Alan
Mon 21 May 2012 10:18
A noist windy night in Kayio after the wind unexpectedly changed and
blew from the east putting Ticketeeboo on a lee shore. At 8 the wind
was getting higher and with SE gales now forecast time to chew the
boot and get underway for somewhere offering better protection.
Methoni, 50 odd NM away does not offer perfect protection from SE but
its a good anchorage with lots swinging room and good holding. Also'
me feels like another good sail. What I didn't expectis F7-8 for a
couple of hours then nothing, then F7-8 again then variable winds in
a big chunky waves. Presently on donkto save our sails from wearing
out because in these lumpy seas it's impossible to keep the sails full
in anything less than 20 kts apparent. Hence the washing machine
effect and the appliance of science. I am hopeful of reaching Melthimi
before I am all curdled up. Will add some photo's when I get pc
Temporary fix on genoa furler works a treat and I ambeing wonderfully
careful with it. Just that with a deep following wind genoa alone is
muck easier and safer than using jib and mail. Less fussy and better
angle to sail in direction needed without needing series of gybes..
Gale warnings coming in on Navtex and Stratagen texts (ta Ray and
Sandra ho have just come through Corinth Canal headin towards
Aldi squiddy No.2 swimming and trying to attract another demon fish.
No luck yesterday or today thus far. Email from Jan an Pete s/y His
and Hers tell me it's gone cooler in Keme for time being. Hope it
warms-up and settles down everywhere in E Med. For now,hot from
Olympic Radio C83, latest for me is S Ionian: SE7 loc 8 later NW6,
moderate, poor. Must be time for dinner (lunch in the words of posh
Have a good day visiting new baby Freya and family Higgins. Tells me
Paul is full of a cold and is dreaming of having good sleep some time?