Tyrell Bay - Carriacou 12:27.45N 61:29.24W

Sue & Alan
Sat 1 Feb 2014 22:58
A lovely sail into wind and weather. At first glance it's only about 34'ish NM from St Georges to Tyrell Bay. Unfortunately, when faced with mostly 20kn wind (coming from the direction you wanna go) and a fairly lumpy sea-state (yes this also coming from the direction we wanna go) means 34NM can soon turn into 52 NM. Add to this the fact that our 0930 departure + maybe 6 - 8 hours sailing means we arrive close to dark ......... means we need to keep good speed, and we did. It was a good sail, unfortunately not totally appreciated by all on board.
So, now her we are, hardly any wind, plenty yachts anchored around us. A few larger commercial vessels too. Holding seems good where we have put our hook in and we're at least 20m away from the nearest yacht. We weren't the last yacht in and were in a good hour before dark. Now it's pitch-black so ain't going anywhere else new tonight.
There's plenty of other yachts (as there is) and is still plenty room to drop hook. Experienced first boat-boys here. To one, who came alongside very early on, in response to his request for us to pick-up a mooring at 50 ECD I said "Had a long sail & only just come in and want to drop hook, thank you". To the next, who was wanting to sell us lobster & other stuff "Only just got in after a long sail. so please give us your list so that we know what we can buy from you." ..... and to the last guy "Thank you, when we want to buy some of your red wine or white wine we will call you when we see you in the anchorage!". Geeze..... I don't mind considering these opportunities, just want some time to get over having a mostly enjoyable day-sail today.
Tonight we're gonna have some of our Atlantic crossing previously caught tuna. I believe the meal started out as fresh (defrosted & cooked) tuna & pasta. Then I heard mention of noodles? Hopefully pasta & tuna will prevail cause noodles are not my favorite!
I think we will be here couple of days then moving-on towards Union Palm Island, where we can check-in at the Grenadines. First we have to check-out of Grenada, probably day after tomorrow?
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