Isola Vulcano

Sue & Alan
Mon 13 May 2013 09:50
Yesterday we took a hike up the volcanic crater, from which this impressive island takes its name. With walking boots adorned and survival pack on back (2 beers, kitkat, twix and gin bottle FILLED WITH WATER! it took a good hour up-hill walking along the mostly loose volcanic ash trail to reach rim of the crater. Almost as impressive a Etna. THere's no way of distinguishing anyone farting up there amongst the overwhelming smell of sulphur, extensive cloudy emissions becoming invisible, dissipated by the swirling 20 kn winds. Signs on way up warning trekkers not to go into the sulphur or down the crater where others have boldly gone and died!!! No pics for now and until internet access some time in the future.
Recently made friends with s/y Halfmoon (Bev & Tom heading towards Italy), s/y Josephene (Mandy & Ray heading towards Ionian) and s/y Skylax (who departed towards Ionian before we got their names and only spoke briefly on VHF). Now we're sitting our some unwanted W'lys until likely Wednesday morning, when we intend making way towards Ustica and on towards S Sardinia with some strong SE'lys forecast.
We regularly hit the sack for 9 pm whilst on the hook and tend to be up early. Last night, sometime around midnight/early hours we were treated to a rather loud (and unexpected) firework display. I guess, to make sure we didn't miss it.......... everything went off directly above our heads. Wonderful to be awoken from deep sleep by an extensively impressive firework display......... we didn't watch!
This morning we're still seeing 20 - 25 kn W'ly winds, the comings and goings causing us to search from side to side as our bow blows through the wind like an irregular pendulum on a would-be wonky Grandfather clock.
Love to family H & family D.
PS Cheapo Aldi single induction hob is a big success.