St Georges, Bermuda

Sue & Alan
Wed 14 May 2014 13:48
After settling on hook yesterday we went ashore to suss out availability refrigerant gas or fridge service provider. The local Tourist Info office were very helpful and let me use their phone. I successfully located R134a gas supplier in Hamilton who can supply me with a 30lb (14kg) bottle R134a refrigerant but could not supply the bottle connector (also needed). This is a lorra gas and much more than we are ever likely to need but was the least amount they can supply because it's the smallest bottle they do......... for the refrigeration service providers on the island. Nevertheless at the time that was my only option if wanting to do job myself. We then checked-out local supermarket to see if we might be able to provision-up conveniently, here in St Georges. We also bought tokens to go visit the capital, Hamilton, by bus and see some of the island en-route as well. We also took time for a walkies to suss out what's here locally. I found a hardware store, which also sells some yacht
ie gear. They had a small aerosol can R134a, which I was able to have a good look at. It's meant to be used on automotive A/C and contains some additional additives, which we don't want or need and has a completely different connection fitting. Anyway, when back on the yacht I had a good think to see if I could adapt the aerosol can for our needs and decided to take Rib back & buy it. Unfortunately they were shut but opened at 0745 this morning. Alarm on, up early, can bought, changes made, job done and plenty R134a spare for next time! Fridge now chilling again so will wait to see how it settles down before maybe adding touch more. Have only needed to put a whiff-in and think may need touch more to finish job.
Another was on the go this morning. Annie not amused to have to get out of sack because early wash going on! We did a clothes wash soon as we got in yesterday and needed to get 2 sets sheets & pillow cases cleaned today, as well my towel. When wash finishes we may or may not go in to Hamilton today, depends on whether it looks like it might rain 'cause don't want to leave washing out if rains does we!
Went ashore for meal yesterday evening. Had rock-fish with fruits and ginger. We all had same and agreed it's probably one of the best meals had in a restaurant. Oh yes, when I went to buy the R134a this morning, as I was securing RIB I realised I had not left crocks in RIB. Fortunately I only had a short walk. Brings back bad feet memories (Mahon 12 months ago). No problem this time though, just a few odd looks when they put lights on in shop!
Still thinking of staying here for at least 2 more nights, despite Mike saying "I'm looking forward to getting underway again soon as we can now" this morning! Our departure date will depend largely on the presence of a nasty looking Low to the E & N of us, the direction we wanno go! It's not showing signs of going NE and might even even edge it's way W (back towards us) in next couple of days, before filling. We'll be watching it with interest because we wanna good sail not a nasty survival sail! Fortunately we have the available time to choose.
We're now watching the ARC bots gathering in St Georges channel ready to depart Bermuda towards Azores or USA. St Georges might be even quieter tonight?
Love & cuddles to My Lover, T,S,R & M as well S,F,P & J xxxxxxx
Thursday tomorrow........... 'Frozen' cinema day at Gobbins perhaps?
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