Sivota, Nisos Lefkas 38:37.4N 20:41.0E

Sue & Alan
Fri 8 Jun 2012 17:11
We dropped our hook here yesterday evening. Earlier, in the morning just after nine, Way Point Sails rang to say our genoa had been repaired by their owner, Nikos, who had personally carried out the repair works himself the night before. They said they didn't have transport available so I agreed to take Ticketeeboo to the fuel pontoon at Lefkas Marina. When we tied-up there I rang Way Point and they dutifully brought our genoa. We then went to Nidri and Philip, the owner of 'Steel Marine' came down and measured-up for our new radar radome/scanner post. Sue & I had the genoa on before he arrived so now Ticketeeboo is cooking with gas gas again with the genoa looking good and ready for use. Whilst I hate the thought of damaging our beautiful sailing yacht I believe I found a weakness, which is now corrected and we'll be all the better for it. Whilst we don't need our radar immediately, once the new steel pole is made and mounted we'll have it available again in the foreseeable future.
Yesterday evening, here in Sivota we met up again with our good friends Collette & Robert, s/y Condor, as well their friends Gill & Keith, Gary & Olwin and their son Mathew. On the next table, by coincidence, were are good friends Tree & Mike s/y Fraca 3! It was a very pleasant evening.
This morning I went up the mast and recovered our Radar cable. Sue helped by feeding the cable into the mast whilst I pulled it out at the top. An amusing spectacle for some watching people as I climbed up and down the mast seemingly unaided?
We decided to stay on the hook in Sivota for today. It's been almost clear skies, 29/30 C and just a gentle breeza. Quite lovely reading conditions with the odd beer (shared with Sue) and couple of Alan's G&T's watching the sun go down.
Guess what we're having for evening meal tonight? TUNA! First of MY TUNA for My Lover! Fortunately we both get to eat the product of Sue's culinary delights together this time. Just one week before her Birthday too. The only thing is....................... all of a sudden the galley stinks of fish!