Porto Kheli

Sue & Alan
Tue 9 May 2017 13:52
Almost a week since being launched. Plenty jobs being done. Some we planned for and some unexpected. One particularly irritable surprise was our seized windlass, without which we face obstacles getting anchor up and down. Hence a delay and best part of two days work. We want to thank Mr Lewmar for kindly using an aluminium spacer so that our windlass shaft could have the opportunity to seize solid. Good design for parmanent redundancy? Nevertheless we got though our list of pre-launch jobs and were launched last Wednesday, spent first few nights on hook at Kilada and enjoyed a 13NM two hour donk yeasterday and now at Porto Kheli and are now officially checked-in as well. We've done two big shops, Kirandi Lidl and here. We've now enough beer and wine to get a small navy pissed. Also plenty assorted grub to mop-up with. Took bikes ashore today for ride around the bay. Loved the ride as well the sceenery despite nearly getting blown over. Exciting getting back to yacht in 20-25kn wind and waves on the nose. Bikes soaked and us soaked too! Now showered and resting.
I ain't goinna moan about my leg. I'm just wanting to say how well Sue is helping me cope with a lorra aches, pain and cramping. Hence the incentive to take bikes ashore today. Can't stand or walk much but can ride bike good as ET. Jobs on yacht continue to get ticked-off so working our way through the list. Ah yes. Worth mentioning......... it's gonna take about 5 bottles of Dylon suade dye to make all of our steering wheel navy blue. We only brought 2 and presently have equivalennt of a half-moon steering wheel. 
Love to the Grandkids as well their Mums and Dads xxx