Pirates of the Caribbean - Wallilabou Bay, St Vincent 13:14.840N 061:16.285W

Sue & Alan
Fri 7 Feb 2014 12:01
Good sail close-reaching this morning 16 Nm here. 'Close-reaching' as opposed to being 'close-hauled' making a lovely change, reaching speeds of 9 kn at times, although not busting through the 10 kn barrier and reefing mainsl when wind and sea-state became overly-lively for short time in open water between islands. When we reached St Vincent and proceeding along the west coast we actually lost the wind, needing to make use of the donk for half hour or so, for first time in ages. Decided to enter here, Wallilabou Bay because pilot book says there's a Custome office and we need to check-out of the Grenadines before heading northwards towards St Lucia. We were thinking of just dropping hook to do the business but, after being approached by boat-boys decided to use one of their mooring buoys, then decided to stay the night. It means tomorrow will be a longer sail, which should be worth it because this place is quite unique. There's a dozen or so vessels here, all on buoys and all tied-ba
ck on long-lines. It's deep bay so the moorings make sence. Pilot book says Customs open 2 - 4, boat-buoys say Customs open at 5. We'll see? Half an hour to go to 5!
We've replenished some essential provisions, fresh bread, tonic water, nutmeg and three bottles of wine. One guy wanted to sell us more of something and became a little rattled when told thank you, but no thank you! Most are exceptionally polite and just want to sell their offerings or provide services because it's probably their only way to earn dosh.
I've now finished cleaning our waterline and the bright green beard, which appeared after we departed Tenerife, is now a thing of the past. For now anyway. Fortunately there's no signs of the beasties from the deep getting re-attached again. Our Coppercoat antifouling appears to be intact making me very pleased, when remembering what a pain in the arse it was to have to have it re-done before we departed the Ionian year last summer.
Even Sue's been for a swim this afternoon. The water is 28ºC. It's wonderfully clear and is the most settled we have seen since entering Caribbean waters. Ray even swam to the shore and back. I didn't witness any of these activities because I was busy cleaning the last of our beard up front (at the pointy bit).
Tonight we're planning to eat at the local hostelry, which is about 150 m astern of us. When we enquired about the local wildlife we have been reliably informed to expect mozzies and be prepared! So it's off to eat & be eaten - novel eh!
This is one of the principal locations where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. One of the boat-boys says he's in the film as extra. Maybe if I'm positively feeling under the weather one day and there's not another thing to do or film available I might bother to try and watch this film again?
We've had quite a bit of rain, on and off today. It's amazing how it can be lovely and warm and rain as well! Between rain it's been mostly bright sunshine. Much the same as home UK - thinking not!
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