Nisos Skantzoura - Ormos Prasso 39:04.67N 24:06.77E

Sue & Alan
Thu 29 Sep 2016 10:37

We enjoyed good sail from Nisos Kira Panayia. We visited Ormos Skantzoura on S coast of the island. A smaller bay with limited room to swing, which ment tieing-back. Sue didn't fancy the local geography and said "Lets continue towards Skiros" (a further 28NM) and was delighted to discover we had the option of another (much bigger) bay just over a NM further round the coast, where we enjoyed a lovely settled afternoon and overnight. Unfortunately, I forgot to recover squiddy so squiddy now resides in Davy Jones locker and we're a hundred metres or so shorter on fishing line, plus a lead weight. It also meant I had to skinny-dive under the yacht to check for fishing line round the prop. An enjoyable experience in crystal clear warmish water. Squiddy well disappeared along with all but few metres of line.
Very pleasant sunset too

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