Towards Jolly Harbour 16:59.9N 061:49.4W

Sue & Alan
Wed 19 Mar 2014 15:21
After two 'rolly' nights on hook off Pigeon Beach in Falmouth Harbour we are ready to find somewhere more 'settled'. OK. windies is now almost SSE and Falmouth Harbour, which is a massive bay, is very open to the south, although the reef should give plenty of protection. Unfortunately the soddin stinkpots which pass close and at speed do tend to create havoc! Ignorant ******ds! Problem made all the worst by the constant to-ing/fro-ing of the lifebooats and tenders servicing the cruise ships, which anchor just inside the bay! As Sue just said "Not the best place we've been in!"
We're sailing on genoa, two reefs in, with a F6 blowing up our port bum (port quarter). We're staying outside Goat Head Channel and to the south of Middle Reef & Cade Reef because this way we can sail safely in good depths because a 2-3m fetch doesn't go well in very shallow water!!! Sue's just spotted the reefs on our stb'd bow and they look particularly nasty.
It's a relatively short sail today, maybe 3 hours or so. As Sue said before we pulled the hook up "This is my last sail in the Caribbean", Very finalistic of her ........ we'll see?
Good to know Thomas is now happily getting over his recent operation and having 6 stitches in his mouth. By now he's probably digested them and maybe even passed them out as ***h? Also Happy Birthday to Rachel, who is 34 on Sunday........... remember to save us some cake, please?
Love & best wishes to family H & family D. xxxxx
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