Nisos Leros 37:07.8N 26:50.9E

Sue & Alan
Mon 9 May 2016 16:55
Enjoyed yet another day, this time on donk with no wind so 21NM as the crow flies and that's all we did. Flat calm seas all the way. Certainly a pleasant change despite burning diesel. As a result were at Partheni (N end of Liros) on one of Agmar Shipyard's mooring buoys just after midday, sparkling and fresh. We decided to go do a recci and check-out the boatyard and eat at the local taverna. We couldn't get into the boatyard, which has all-round fencing (only accessible by yachties already there with a key) so we could only offer sympathetic looks from the outside when we saw people working on their boats. The taverna is opposite the airport. The airport only gets 2 flights a day so it's exceptionally quient..... so is the local taverna, who made us very welcome indeed. They made a mezzie from marinated octopus and pork souvlaki and it's a good as it gets. We entertained Jackie & Alan ( entertained couple new friends off s/y Miss Meg on buoy next to us) then enjoyed another splendid quiet overnight in calm waters.
This morning, up at 7 and into the boatyard for opening time. I firstly asked to see the lady who receives all incoming emails. Stunner with the name Irene. So I introduced myself (very politely) and explained what I wanted. When Irene confirmed herself as the person (who speaks better English than I do) responsible for receiving and answering all incoming emails I couldn't resist asking why my three emails (sent over the previous two weeks) had received no reply. OK best move-on so we skipped the explanations and I was directed to the technical services manager. It turns-out their refrigeration technician is actually a 'contractor' who they refer to as a 'specialist'. Unfortunately they were unable to locate him. Vanished or taken refuge with aliens? Now I know the refrigeration guy may as well visit Ticketeeboo in a marina berth and not when on a mooring buoy outside the shipyard. Hence we're now in Lakki Marina (owned by Agamar Shipyard) 10NM south. Latest news is that the refrig-man has been freed and will visit us tomorrow morning. Between 8 and 9 has been mentioned ............ but this is Greece! We'll see.
Enjoyed another mid-afternoon nosh ashore today. Did bit of shopping and invested in a cute-lookin' cake for supper tonight. Just €2 for the most delicious-lookin' cake in Lakki?
I KNOW how to keep a good woman happy.........