Ionian Marine - Preveza 38:57.1N 20:45.8E

Sue & Alan
Sun 1 Jul 2012 13:07
Sue's on her way home now and I'm 'yacht-alone' once again, hopefully not for longer than 4 weeks?
We had Thursday & Friday tied sterns-to the Nielson pontoon at Nidri so that Phil (Steel Marine) who is based at Nidri, was able to finish completing our new radar scanner post, as well couple of other jobs we asked him to do. We were originally intending just to moor-up on the Nidri pontoon for couple of hours or so. Phil's timing is always subject to change and in the event he took a little longer than expected, finishing late Friday afternoon. Unfortunately not before we needed to move berth, after which I had to do a quick dive to remove the remains of a 6mm line, which we caught by our prop when we moved! On Thursday evening we joined Sue & John (who are temporary looking after s/y Condor) who introduced us to OK Taverna, on the high street. Sue & I returned next night as well because their grubs excellent and prices very fair too. Also, the owner used to perform in a circus and performs during evening mealtimes. Well worth a return visit to OK Taverna in the future!
Saturday morning we slipped lines and headed north. Stopped for lunch and a lovely swim at a quiet sandy beach on the mainland before making our way through the Lefkas Canal again. Had a good sail before and after the canal until finally going on the hook here, outside the Ionian Marine boat yard. This is where Ticketeeboo gets lifted-out for some planned works to our hull Coppercoat antifouling, as well our cab-top, as agreed with Discovery, under warranty.
Having the company of My Lover these past four weeks has been wonderful. We both experienced the same emotions as our temporary departure drew closer. So now we have our next reunion to look forward to. Another honeymoon yippee!
So that's it for now. Sue in an elevated position making her way towards Manchester at 500+mph and me pacing myself with lots of jobs to do. 4 x towels washed (smelling good again) and water made, although it's been a bit breezy to start wanting to lift our outboard, followed by the RIB, and get them stowed, ready for tomorrow. (They could be in the way if I leave them on our davits). Me thinks next job is to 'pickle' our watermaker because it won't be getting used again for couple of months.
It's been an eventful 2 months for me, living on and sailing Ticketeeboo from Kemer to here and it's been a wonderful four weeks having Sue on board with me. It's always best when Sue's on board and we make a great team together. Have a safe flight home My Lover and enjoy being with family, especially with our Grandchildren (3+1 soon!) xxxxxxxxxx