Lakka, Nisos Paxos 39:14.3N 20:07.9E

Sue & Alan
Sat 23 Jun 2012 15:42
Between Ayiou Ioannou and here (Lakka) we had glass-like seas (little or no wind) and 17 NM. Hence, 3 hours on the donk with the washing out to dry! Easu going and very pleasant too. Even thought I'd caught another fish, which turned out to be a lump of grass weed! Fought like 'ell too!
As we approached Lakka, on north end of Paxos we wondered "What's going on?". Lots of boats? Totally unimpressed. Gung-ho Italians everywhere. On charter yachts. Fast-moving jet-skis wizzin' in and out between moored yachts and loads of people swimming. Couldn't believe it! We simply picked a spot & dropped our hook then sat & watched (some good-lookin' judies on these Italian charter yachts too!). Within an hour or so someone must habe said "Go!" and off they went too? After lunch I decided to do a little reccie in the RIB after, put our chain round a rock with our long-line attached then proceeded to moor-up with long-line ashore. Now not giving too hoots to anyone else who enters the bay. Guy next to us expressed his thanks to me for filling the gap and preventing a charter boat from mooring next to them. What does he mean (unsociable feller?).
It's six years since we've last been here. WE are very surprised by the increased numbers of Italian charterers because previoulsy, we thought they only appeared during August?
Been ashore. Local pub is showing football tonight & tomorrow. I guess we're here for two days then? Sue loves this place too!
Water temp is good. 26 C in patches. My Lover & me must look so sexy with swimming goggles on!
Intend to be hassle free tonight. We've put 50m chain out and are sitting in 2.8m depth and have about 45m long-line. Hope we're safe and not goin' anywhere unexpected eh?
Tuna tonight (again) yippee!!!!!!!!!!!