Monastery Bay, Nisos Popos 37:30.20N 23:29.01E

Sue & Alan
Sat 3 Sep 2016 14:01
We knew we were in for some lively sailing when we pulled hook up this morning. Gustus-a-lotus as we made our way heading eastwards along the Peloponnisos coast. Sue's early joy seeing us riding along at 8kn was "Blimey we'll be there in couple of hours" became less enthusiastic when the wind reached 30kn and we were almost surfing. Little excitement when we neared our intended destination, picking-up a DSC Distress calls from a sinking vessel less than 2NM away. We had just gone on donk ready to anchor so changed course opening up the throttle heading directly towards the casualty's reported position. We received several more DSC Distress calls but when we arrived at the location there was nothing there. We overheard another vessel as well Olympic Radio (Greek coastguard) and started receiving new DSC Distress calls further to our N (t'other side of nearest land-mass). Since we could hear CG talking to nearby ferry we decided to move on and approach our intended anchorage, just of SW end of Nisos Spathi. After an unsuccessful attempt to get hook-in Sue decided the place was too dodgy (not nice) so as usual, I did what I was told when Sue mentioned plan B. Hence, here we are, safely on hook, Nisos Poros S coast in Monastery Bay, well sheltered from the nasty windies. Bit like a quiet-spot and well appreciated.
Hope Seth's enjoying Birthday party? xxx
Looking forward to tomorrow, when we expect to cross Saronic Gulf with same conditions as today. That'll be fun and plenty energetic sailing without the orrible gusts (hopefully) xxx