Pigeon Bay, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua 17:00.664N 061:46.714W

Sue & Alan
Mon 17 Mar 2014 14:23
Stunning 1.7NM on donk from Freemans Bay to Pigeon Bay, Falmouth Harbour. Certainly not worth going to the trouble of going under sail in the half hour between taking hook out and putting hook in! Whilst hook was firmly planted last three nights it is well and truely firmly planted now as well. We're sitting in less than 5m depth and are swinging on 40m chain so ain't going anywhere if windies increases as forecast! THis is a big anchorage and there are lots & lots yachts although plenty space around.
We were up at first light this morning and took another short hike to Harman Point. From there we set-off for an extended hike towards Shilrley Heights and turned-back when the terrain became little nasty. The proximity of the cliffs became little too close for comfort and crocks & sandals ain't perfect for rough-going that close to possibility of a slip-over-the-edge! Jam butty and water for pick-nick breakfast was delightful (2 days running too!).
Maybe another 2 or 3 days here before another giant leap closer towards Jolly Harbour?
Very best wishes to our Grandson 'Thomas', who had a little op' last Friday and after just one weekend on soft foods is recovering quickly xxxxxxx.
Also, whilst we didn't see the match yesterday when Man-U were slaughtered by Liverpool, I am reliably informed Man-U were as poor as we were magnificent (by a special correspondent - 'M').
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