On hook Ormos Livadjiou - Nisos Serifos 37:08.7N 24:31.2E

Sue & Alan
Wed 30 Sep 2015 17:08
Carefully prepared for departure this morning, worked best way to dispense with 2 x long-lines in some tricky conditions then pulled hook out of Idhra dirt before heading N & E. Our intention being to go N to clear Idhra then hang-a-right towards Nisos Kithnos. Not such a good idea after all when (i) windies decided to be NE F6-F7 and direction towards Kithnos was ENE. Me thinks, stuff Kithnos and go towards Serifos instead. Good plan Alan! Then the windies backed a bit and whilst Kithnos was 'do-able' it would have meant mostly close-hauling in some big winds and seas so Serifos here we be! Serifos plan A meant putting hook in little place called Ormos Koutala on SW coast. No chance, friggin washing machine. +40kn wind and free salt wash going on. We did enter to sample the ambience and it was not nice. Hence plan B.......... move on towards Ormos Livadhiou on the SE coast. We guessed, this place being the main part of Serifos might mean it's quieter there? No chance. Another oversized open-space washing machine. That said, we made our plan and dropped hook into dirt most satisfactory and here we sit, swinging from side to side, in +40kn gusty winds. WE aint moved since we arrived and expect to be fine all night. Maybe 'till the weekend if the promised weather conditions prevail. Indian summer Meltemi?
Sue's presently cooking and we're both hungry. T'was a bit like not eating on way here. Could be described as a very energetic sail at mostly 8-8½kn for 50'odd NM in some pretty big wishy-washy seas. Everything topsides is now very salty including me!  We'd like to think the wind might be kind to us tonight and settle below 20kn so that we can get some shut-eye? The forecast implies the winds don't reduce for at least 3 days. Gonna have some grat scoff tonight though........ courtesy of My Lover xxx