Towards Bermuda - start of day 4 25:51N 065:29W

Sue & Alan
Sat 10 May 2014 16:05
1200hrs Zulu on Saturday 10th May 2014.
In position 25:51N 065:28W COG 344º(T) SOG varying 6.5km to 8kn close-reaching wind ENE F5
Bermuda is 006º(T) 394NM Dist Run by log in last 24 hours 180NM Dist made good towards Bermuda 145NM

During last 24 hours we've been moving along energetically, save for 10 minutes needing hove-to to attend to a broken line, which helpd secure the anchor firm. Never before has Ticketeeboo been driven close-reaching, almost close-hauled into wind and weather like this. Never before have we taken so much water over our bow and side decks as we plough from one wave into another.

Early last night I got-up during Annie's 9-12 watch to check we were OK after being awoke by some pretty nasty shakes when waves hit us and again during Mike's 3-6 watch for same reason. These occasions can be exciting ........ except my aim is to conservatively sail Ticketeeboo for complete safety. 3 hour watches seem much shorter than 4 and the time passes really quickly. Worth remembering this for future. Good contact with s/y Rih Malti and s/y Saraoni this morning, as well the Coconut net. We now know the 2 ARC packs departed BVI 4 days ahead of us. Both packs are expected at Bermuda before splitting towards USA & Azores. This could make Bermuda a busy place to be for us. More importantly we could end up sailing thrugh stragglers so our watchkeeping needs to be good to ensure we don't get too close to any of them. I think I'll ask Paul to go to ARC website and inform me of their progress. Did a 'smallies' wash overnight and cabins now look like Chinese laundry. No chance being ab
le to hang anything outside because seawater spray is ever present. It's bumpy, sometimes noisy and great care is needed getting round yacht. e.g. Annie seized the opportunity to visit heads whilst we were hove-to! Needless to say I didn't wait for her to re-appear before gybing and getting underway again... much to Mike's amusement!

We're progressing really well. Would be even nicer if wind can veer 30-40º so that we can be less on the wind and bit more comfortable. Very grateful to be ahead of the squalls in relatively clear airs and clear skies. This is proving to be a very good favourable weather-window for first part of our eastwards passage..... and we're ticketeeboo.

Sue says weather bit miserable weather/raining, home UK today..... I'm sure you'd love it here My Lover xxxxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 10/05/2014 16:01 UT our position was 25°51.75'N 065°28.26'W