Progressing nicely 23:57N 025:05W

Sue & Alan
Sun 5 Jan 2014 13:04
Rattler was a complete disaster. It got so caught-up and heavily tangled-up in the attached fishing line 'twas a complete waste of time. Squiddy 2 stepped forward and filled the breech.
The latter half of yesterday saw us make good speed in lively conditions (again). Wind is consistently ENE to E between 15kn and 25kn (gusting up to 35kn on occasions). We have always planned not to exceed 60-70% capacity so that we can more easily cope with suddenly increasing winds, like squalls. Despite this, latter half of yesterday was both lively and very good for progress at speeds up to 8.5kn averaging nearly 7kn. Although not all 'made good' towards our destination it's probably best 12 hours run thus far and as can be guessed not without some idiotic excitement on board. Late morning, whilst sitting in cockpit we reflected on previous days events and recent firm instructions, received by SSB email from Sue & Sandra, who both know what we're like anyway!!! We concluded we needed start planning meals in 'earlier' to save muckin about with stuff too hard (and cold) to handle. We also gave ourselves credit for inventing new ways to cook salmon steaks, (freeze/fry/microwave) for
optimum results, improved texture and scrummy taste. On strict instructions (because we always do as told by our bosswoman) we decided on dinner (lunch) immediately. This was easy choice, needing to use-up rabbit food (mixed lettuce) before it goes off, so we had a mixture of coloured leaf cuttings, boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, fresh (un-frozen) baguette, pate & cheeze (which unfrozen on point of eating and added effect). We both t'was wonderful meal, well prepared and thought out, as instructed. So good Ray needed a nap!
1500'ish: planning meeting No.2 of the day. Summarising, we agreed we needed to consume more fresh food (not a difficult decision) because we guessed mushrooms don't last indefinitely without starting to taste iffy? Unfortunately, in last 24 hours bag no.2 of carrots was found winning the race! No problem, I can salvage the hard orangey bits, cook & freeze them. PLenty time before needing to make actual start on spag-bol (to use us some mushrooms as well onions). Progress, being surge and roll-dependent was steady and not to be rushed. Only setback came when biggest wave to date swamped our rear-end, curling its frothy tail round our port qtr (on lee-side) and into the galley, where I thought I was being cute by using a side hatch as my organic garbage chute. This minor setback need the use of more than 2 hands so when Ray joined the mayhem he became dutifully employed holding on to the pans as Ticketeeboo lurched about for some time in the aftermath. Order was restored, and tea (din
ner)served at the appointed time before dusk. (Before dusk because it's much easier to clean-up if we eat in cockpit that it was when we ate in the saloon previous night!!!!). I must admit....... I was very tired on my 8 - 12 night watch last night and slept well soon as I hit the sack during Rays 12 - 4 night watch. Nearly forgot............. just finished washing-up, when the fishing line went 'zippy' needing instant attention. Squiddy 2 had something attached for about 10 or 15 minutes. How can I reel in when sailing AT 8kn with the rod bent at 90º. Something has to give? It did and squiddy 2 freed itself from whatever didn't wanna come visit us at close quarters. He who lives another day lives to swim the other way. Hmmmmmm! The rod is ready for payback time in the morning?
0400: Winds have now gradually reduced to 15 - 20kn so at change-over we decided to expose little more genoa canvas. With one reef in genoa (poled-out) we're our speed varies 5 - 6½kn and the sea feels noticeable calmer. Now we have a more gentle roll and sork-screw, which makes life no easier because each next movement is random and therefore virtually unpredictable. The main ingredient for sea-sickness, which fortunately neither of us are suffering from.
1200: T'was a good night and morning sail rounding off a very good 24 hours, as can be seen in our 'summary' at the end. The morning proved busier than expected. I'll explain......... Ray enjoyed last nights spag-bol so much he managed to save some for afters........ wanting to keep it handy, as well nice & warm, he deposited it safely on his posh sailing pants. Of course, later changes his mind and says "I think I better put these in the next wash". No problem says me, put 'em in soak in aft heads sink and I'll put 'em in doby machine next time genny goes on tonight. Ray hits the sack and when genny went on Rays pants got washed........ or so we thought? This morning Ray goes to get pants to peg-out on cockpit washing line but finds doby machine full of water. Three hours later we have washing machine fixed & tested, shower head rail re-fixed to deckhead (it came away when I was lifting myself up!) and with minutes to spare to complete our 1200 log. So despite an unexpected glitch o
r two, we're sorted and doing well. No more gremlins please!!!!!!!

At 1200 today, Barbados is now 2059 NM away (as the crow flies)
In last 24 hours
# Ticketeeboo has sailed through 152 NM of water
# and we have shortened or distance to go by 154 NM.
You might say hows that? The clue is in the currents!!!!
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham = m0hng
At 05/01/2014 12:47 (utc) our position was 23°57.75'N 025°05.73'W