Palaia Epidhavros 37:38.4N 23:09.6E

Sue & Alan
Thu 8 Jun 2017 07:45
Came here from Aigina last Tuesday, or thereabouts. We decided to drop hook outside the town, in a lovely bay to the N, using our RIB to visit, participate in local produce and do bit of shopping. It's a delightful place. Yesterday we found one of the best places possible to buy oilves, olive oil, honey and oregano. The wife, suitably being harassed by her young kids, looks after the shop. Whilst sampling her produce before and after buying, we were told where their farm is as well their taverna.  We also did some 'basics' shopping and scoffed some local prawns and octopus for lunch.
Sue came up with the idea if taking cycles ashore this morning and cycling to the taverna, couple miles away. What a find. Ormos Kaĺymnios really is. This bay is to the S of the peninsula and S of Epidhavros. 50m from the taverna is a sunken city, dating back to 2300BC when a local volcano let rip. We may well return and drop hook there. Just little exposed so only in settled conditions. We also visited an ancient theatre, undergoing excavations and renovations after more than 2000 years being almost maintenance-free. 
Much enjoying visiting these parts so likely keep hook in same bit dirt while longer.