Puerto de Cala de Addaya

Sue & Alan
Thu 30 May 2013 08:16
We moved from Mahon to here last Monday and Addaya is one of our 'favorites' and most protected anchorages we know. The only problem is getting in/out because there is a least depth of about 3m on way in/out. When we were last here we wintered SusieD 2005/06 and were a week waiting for the N'ly winds and seas to settle down before we could get out. As we recall the 3m minimum depth used to be clearly marked with a red can & green cone involving a dog-leg double turn. Now there is no red can, just green cone so the best position to clear the least depth is a little 'sketchy'. So far we've seen as little as 2.9m on our sounder so no chance of risking it if there is any sea swell. Our friends Gillian, Andrew and Adam have an apartment nearby in Son Parks and they flew out last Monday for a weeks holiday. They saw Ticketeeboo for first time (as we entered Addaya) last Monday. Next day drove us round the island, visiting places inland and the coast and yesterday they joined us for a local daysail. The only problem we have is our outboard engine is dead, can't get parts needed in Menorca, so the ferryman has to work hard on the oars for yacht transfers and it's a long row to the shore pontoon too, especially if against any wind!
The weather seems to have settled-down in this part of the world. No more gales or storms recently............... just unseasonably cool (below 20ºC) very overcast (from time to time) and early hours this morning plenty (beaucoup) rain. Even now, very overcast and threatening more rain, again. Hence, today is a 'boat' day and we are hoping to get some jobs up-to-date.
Happy Anniversary to Rachel & Michael (for tomorrow) xxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3
At 26/05/2013 08:29 (utc) our position was 39°52.69'N 004°18.44'E

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