On hook Sivota, Nisos Levkas 38:37.4N 20:41.0E

Sue & Alan
Sat 26 May 2012 16:08
Lovely little sail, close-reaching soon after departing Ithaca and all the way into Ormos Sivota entrance. Quite a few Sailing Holidays yacht in so might need a fan on tonight to dim their celebratory noise at the conclusion of their flotilla holiday.
Strange talking to Sue whilst sailing, just as if Sue is on board at the time. The marvels of having an internet dongle!
Another little job to be done. The jib leech line has parted company so this means I'm gonna have to lower the jib now and re-thread the leech line. Not a massive or expensive job, just more work to be done!
Have spoken to Waypoint Sails and I am hopeful they come to the yacht on Monday and take away our genoa for repairs. I have also spoken to the local Raymarine agent, who is also going to take a ganda at our radar scanner and hopefully give me a price if it is repairable. So things look good on the repairs front, for the time being.
Time for G&T me thinks (on a dry boat too!).