Mongonisi, Nisos Paxos 39:10.9N 20:12.2E

Sue & Alan
Sun 23 Sep 2012 15:08
Departed Vonitsa 10'ish and on hook 39 NM later in Ormos Mongonisi. Had squigie no.9 on end of fishing line although no takers today. Probably because squigie got tangled-up and became unattractive to predators when waltzing tail-first. Fortunately loads of meat in the freezer!  No enormous amount of swinging room here when several other yachts already at anchor. Hence, even with our new anchor it took four attempts until we found some good sticky seabed to hold us firm for the night. When I asked a nearby Sunsail charter skipper how much anchor he had out he said "No idea, our chain isn't marked". We're happy to be up-wind of him!
Managed to use Expatshield to listen to Liverpool's match with the Manx. Sorry I bothered!  Making up for a bad result with 2 x G&T's with avocado dip & jalapeño Doritos. Day 25 of my raw throat and cough and it's beginning to test Sue's patience, once or twice? Eating on board tonight, having paid €100 for fish when we last ate here in 2006/2007. We think we'll probably take short run up towards Laka tomorrow. It must be at lease 5 or 6 NM form here?

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