Ormos Milou, Nisos Milos 36:43.34N 24:27.09E

Sue & Alan
Fri 1 Jun 2018 15:28
This morning we enjoyed fresh croissants for breakfast. Sue made a point of wanting something different from Greek yoghurt after 6 weeks of it every morning. I promised her northerly F4 winds or thereabouts. We pointed Ticketeeboo north of Sikinos and were pleased to see we could make for Milos, heasing west, keeping both islands of Sikinos and Folegandros to our south and leeward. An excellent sail, 3 reefs mainsl and good reef in jib, close hauling achieving up to 6kn in heavy seas. Sometimes the wind settled F4, so we presented more sailing cloth and speeded up nicely. Twice, when I went for a pee, the wind upted the game to F6 needing less sail exposed for resumed happiness on board.
As we approached north-east Milos we were well reefed, expecting strong winds gusting between the islands of Poliagos, Kimolos and Milos. No disappointment. Close hauling in 30kn wind can be exciting and energetic. No complaints heard and we enjoyed a wonderful speedy sail between the islands and into clear water north side of Milos. An hour or so later we lost the wind and donked our way for the last bit and into the wonderful Ormos Miloi - flooded remains after an enormous volcanic eruption.
Looks good. More settled conditions than we've seen for some time. Both ready to enjoy cheese pie, chips and beans for tea (dinner/evening meal as posh people like to call it).

Sue's planning our fun, here in Milos.

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