Nisos Arpia 37:15.4N 21:00.3E

Sue & Alan
Tue 8 Sep 2015 15:55
Just 30'odd NM for today from Zakinthos, heading due S towards Nisos Arpia & Nisos Stanfani. Arpia is the smaller of two small islands 30'odd NM from the Greek Peloponese mainland cost and they are very isolated.
We dropped our hook between the two islands in Ormos Tavernas and thus far have been enjoying the whole area to ourselves. It's a little rolly (not a lot) and our hook is well-in because it was easy to identify an obliging sandy patch, amongst a lorra big seabed boulders. We dedided to deploy a anchor-ball/trip line just incase our hook get overly friendly with when we come to move-off tomorrow morning! Arpia (to our N) is protecting us from the prevailing NW F4-5 and also from the sea-swell and although there is a little swell still finding it's way in - not a lot to bother us! What is getting in might well be from passing shipping although it's a little too regular to put money on it. Enjoyed a another swim, after lunch this afternoon. Sunny and +30ºC and a swim in crystal clear 29ºC water is a very refreshing respite.
Our intention is to pick-up hook in the morning and head SE towards Pylos, where we'll be hanging out why a nasty/wet S'ly blows through.
Love to T,S,R & M and F,S,J & P xxx
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