Towards Vathi, Nisos Ithaca. in position 38:00N 21:05E

Sue & Alan
Fri 25 May 2012 06:39
Ver settled night. Even the movement of ferry ships in and out did not
cause disturbance. Had my 'repeat' evening meal. This time cooked the
onions wth the sausage (from last night) sliced-up, and added garlick.
Plus chips and an egg with couple slices buttered bread. Plus the
compulsary rose wine! Absolutely delicious if I say so myself.
Heading towards Ithaca where I know a lovely enclosed bay, Vathi,
where I can again drop hook unfussed and keep clear of charter boats.
Also know there's a Vodafone shop there so could be handy? Not taking
bets on them actually having a USB modem (dongle) in their shop
Not much wind presently so on donk with Aldi squiddy playing fluzie in
the water to attract another tuna perhaps?