Between Cineviz Limani & Kastellorizon 36:15N 030:27E

Sue & Alan
Mon 18 Apr 2016 05:14
A much enjoyable 5 days making Ticketeeboo clean & pretty again and almost a dozen Sue bike-rides to/from local supermarkets later, we slipped lines heading towards Kastellorizon and far-far-away. Wonderfully quiet overnight on hook Cineviz (not for the first time). It was half three when we entered the bay so t'was about 4 o'clock when we were both ready to enjoy some nosh. We decided to eat something 'light' leaving a tasty spag-bol for evening meal (tea if for workers and dinner if posh). We didn't eat again because we both felt stuffed so it'll likely be spag-bol tonight instead.
It's a beautiful clear skies, sunny warm nil-wind morning. Up at 6 o'clock and on donk and likely to be on donk all day. We did have a lovely 'shortish' sail for latter part yesterday so very happy with sails.
Will make decision as to whether we'll nip in to Kekova or not for tonight. In meantime heading towards Kastellorizon, donk, donk, donk. Mindful there could be some nasty windies in few days we'll be thinking about where to sling hook in good holding for say Thursday and next few nights. Symi looks good and Panormittis (AKA Monastry Bay) is always very inviting for us.
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 07-Jan-16 08:46 UT our position was 36°36.00'N 030°34.32'E