Big Vathi, Nisos Ithaca. 38:22.1N 20:42.7E

Sue & Alan
Thu 13 Sep 2012 20:18
2nd night tonight. Finally having thunder & lightening, rain, and squalls coming through. Our teak decks now look just lovely under the deck lights whilst letting a little more anchor chain out. This morning we took RIB ashore and visited the greengrocers, butchers, grocery store and bakers. Everything was priced fairly, except for half a dozen eggs costing nearly €5! We re now almost fully replenished for healthy eating.
Just when about to re-board our RIB John, the Coast Guard and Harbour Master collared us. He asked us to tell three yachts to move further south and said if they refuse to come back and tell him. Fat chance, using our whit and wisdom all three moved, although not quite in line with us! Couple of hours later John CG HM was on his whistle. There's us thinking he doesn't want us to move does he? Couple of hours later I stow our RIB and guess what......... John CG HM is on his whistle again. This time we take-in 20m chain to appease him. Fat chance because John the CG sends the local water taxi to tell us to move 100m further south. This time it means we need to pick-up-de-hook and drop it nearer to the southern wall. UNfortunately, at same time our neighbour Amel want's to close in too and the wind is now up to 25kts. Our newly dropped anchor doesn't hold first time, we drag and off we are ready to go again. This time we move half a mile away. Well away from John CG HM. It seems they are expecting a biggish ferry ship in Vathi towards midnight and they want everywhere clear for it. My question is............ can a big ship really float freely in 3m depth where we were swinging? Me thinks the big ship ferry would be well aground before getting anywhere near where we were. Matters not now because we are attached to a sticky seabed awaiting strong winds tomorrow. Hopefully not tonight though because we wanna make zzzzzzzzzzzz's.
We would like the lightening to ease up a little. We don't wanna do lightening after our experience two years ago. As for the wind. One moment it's almost nothing and next its up ro 25kts. This could be a calm night for us?
The good news is .................. fixed our AIS receive display. Magic moment when I discovered our displays had somehow switched-off the AIS overlay? Gremlin of senior moment? Matters not because it's working again now and I know what to expect next time.
One really good thing about being on hook here in Vathi. Seems like every other yacht on hook is an owner yacht and not a charter yacht. More reassuring than our recent experience in Sivota where there were tons of charterers causing havoc.
Here's looking forward to a wet and windy day tomorrow, which is what's being forecast!
MY Lover is with me so night night Sophi, Freya and Seth, our magic Grandchildren xxxxxxx (soon to be another!)