Windy at Marina di Ragusa

Sue & Alan
Thu 24 Jan 2013 17:39
After couple of days with the wind noticeably less than 20kn (which seemed positively calm during at the time) the forecast increase in wind and rain became reality as yet another depression makes it's way along the Med from W to E, passing a little to the N of us. Last night it was 'rock 'n roll' time again (topping 40kn) and today, until dusk, typically 35kn. Looking like we now have a little respite circa 25kn and reducing so it's comparatively quiet. Latest forecast indicating we might get a more favourable weekend following with a stiff blow from the E (just to keep some sort of balance here abouts).
On a good note............. what we're getting is generally a good 10ºC higher than here than in UK right now so we're virtually tropical. Unfortunately Sue does not whole-heartedly support my optimism!
Here's something to confuse us mere mortals: We are connected to No.1 electric & water meter. Day after our arrival I bought €30 worth of electricity at the marina office and they credited our electronic memory chip accordingly. Next day I went to download our €30 from our 'memory chip' onto our No.1 meter and the amount went onto No.2 meter. OK no big problem because No.2 was vacant so we decided to keep running down No.1 meter and draw water from No.2 (which is the only one we could switch on/off). The intention being when we used-up all of our credit on No.1 meter we would simply move our plug from No.1 to No.2. Overnight/this morning No.1 meter ran out and when I went to change-over sockets this morning as expected No.1 meter showed "OFF" (because it had run-out) as did No.2 meter (because I turned it off after drawing water from it t'other day). When I used our memory chip to turn No.2 meter to "ON" to my surprise No.1 meter came on with our remaining €28 credit and we remain connected to No.1. Great system because it means we are unable to re-credit our meter until after it runs out I suppose? There must be logic somewhere? I wonder what would have happened if No.2 meter was in use by someone else? It's now after 6 so too much to think about for now?