Kastellorizon 36:08.95N 29:35.45E

Sue & Alan
Fri 16 Oct 2015 12:26
Few hours on donk yesterday allowed us to be here in good time early afternoon. Very settled conditions means we have been enjoying bright sunshine and 30ºC early afternoons. Not much need to put sails out though!
Kastellorizon is much same as when we last visited 4 years ago. We know where we like to be and there was no-one in our favourite spot when we arrived, despite another taverna owner shouting his head-off during our berthing manoeuvres - wanting us to berth sterns-to his nearby taverna. His reward was next yacht, Russians, berthed where he wanted. Our reward is for us to be able to get ashore via our port quarter-deck, as opposed to needing to use the pasarelle. A good call for us, avoiding the need to much-about with our RIB, which can now stay-put on davits.
Enjoyed, as previously 4 and more years ago, delightful char-grilled pork steaks (on the bone) last night. We were looking forward to it and it didn't let us down. The guy in the nearby adjoining taverna can shout as much as he likes!!!
Unlike last time visiting here, we've now needed to pay a berthing fee and will also now need to visit the Customs guy to get checked-out. Kastellorizon seem more 'on the ball' than earlier years and this seems to be deterring some yachties from visiting the harbour, resorting to going on hook outside.
Not surprisingly we've now met and talked to some displaced Syrians. We met them today whilst walking nearby. Have to admire these people who have been forced to seek safety by fleeing their home country in favour of setting up a new new home in another part of the world, carrying what looks like their life-posessions in bags they can carry........ and these are the lucky ones who have been able to make the crossing from Turkiye to Greece without needing to risk their lives on a kiddies floating mattress. Their next stop-over is Rhodes.
We're sort-of tucked-up amongst the local taverna.