No change today!

Sue & Alan
Thu 27 Feb 2014 22:27
Pointless adding our Lat & Long because we ain't been moving recently and we remain attached to the seabed by our hook at Petite Anse/Anse A Cointe, Terre De Haute, Les Saintes. Pretty good here for now too! A better night last night than the night before because we had more space between us and other yachts and the windies didn't get as fierce when it rained, sometime during the night. I did get up for a ganda although no need to get concerned, unlike the night before. Now tonight could be different again because the anchorage is ram-jammed-full. s/y Worry No More (British yacht) is anchored on our stb'd bow swinging within 15m of us and s/y Cherazada (German) similar distance on our port bow. s/y Namaste (Brazil) on our stb'd aqarter, who we were anchored by when we called in to Dominica, few nights ago. (Should have heard the lady 'Sandra' screaming at another yacht (actually a charter catamaran) when it looked like they were about to set-up over their anchor with her hubby in the
water! Good voiced have the Ladies from Brazil - donna wanna argue with them!
Been a single dolphin swimming around us, within the anchorage since before one o'clock this afternoon and it was still here few minutes ago. Lots of people have been in the water wanting to swim with it. It's been very slow and seemingly lethargic. We are guessing it's either unhealthy, or looking for a mate? Either way I can't see it being a good thing for lots of people to be wanting to get too close to a wild animal, which is about 8-10 feet long, even when it's only going slow. Interestingly, each time it looked like moving away from the swimmers it would simply turn turn round and go back towards them!
Sue & I got the RIB down and went ashore tody for Plat de Jour, or so we thought we would! We were a little later than we planned and it was half two when we finally tied up on the dock, alongside the beach. Into the restaurant we goes, makes our enquires, orders two iced coffees and asks for a menu. Sits down and decides we each want plat de Jour and goes to order. I spots the waitress with 2two icecreams and thinks "Oh dear! Is these our iced coffees on the way to us?" Guess what? Me has hit the bullseye. Not only that, when I asked for two plat de Jour the lady tells us the kitchen's closed (in a lorra French words which all come to mean the same thing). At that Sue & me thinks maybe our coffee icecreams could be a good alternative so we additionally ordered couple of beers and kept quiet stum!
Back at the coal face now, all's quiet. We suspect one or two hooks ain't gonna stay stuck if the wind gets up again tonight so we'll need to sleep with one ear open, as we normally do when on the hook.
Sue rang her Mum today to wish her Happy Birthday (88 years of age). Just twelve more to a Queens telegram. I wonder, is it still a telegram or does she send emails or possibly a facebook message nowadays?
Love to JPF&S and RMS&T xxxx
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