Ponta Delgarda, Sao Miguel, Azores 37:44.3N 25:39.9W

Sue & Alan
Fri 20 Jun 2014 18:13
Entered the outer breakwater just on 12 noon and when I called the office was told either to go on the reception pontoon or go directly to pontoon E because the marina office would be closed for lunch until 2. OK, after couple of abortive approaches towards different pontoons we found a big enough finger pontoon in the west marina and settled here. Been ashore and checked-in with marina office, port police and customs. Immigration absent from their office and was told not to worry! Brief walk around local area and Ponta Delgarda is nothing like Horta......... it's a city!
I enjoyed our sail from Horta to here immensely. We did 163Nm on the log in 27 hours, which is an average of nats nudger over 6kn. O.K. even if log is bit off it's still good going, considering we were well reefed overnight when our speed dropped to below 5kn at times............ and we were under sail for at least 24 hours! The sea-state could have been better and unfortunately took it's toll on Annie & Mike, but they're recovering now and despite suffering sea-sickness they both stood their watches during the night. Very pleased to report no unexpected rig problems this time! Even took the opportunity to 're-tension our V1's' when closehauling seeing 25+kn wind whilst passing Pico in the early part of our passage.
Me thinks tonight will be easy going and early to bed. Tomorrow I'm planning to keep busy on the yacht, whilst Annie & Mike want to do some exploring. Since departing Antigua we've sailed 3,087NM on the log, seen some very interesting places and been served-up some energetically testing seas. Fortunately, we've been able to keep out of the worst weather the Atlantic can churn-up although it seldom sleeps without a surprise or two. Our eastwards bound ocean passages have been good and all the better for arriving here safe & sound. Time never waits and with just 4 more sleeps to go it's nearly time for Annie & Mike to take silverbird home and then it'll be "Hello My Lover".