Winter berth - Marina di Ragusa, SE Sicily.

Sue & Alan
Sat 6 Oct 2012 19:05
Arrived Marina di Ragusa, SE Sicily couple of days ago. The marina is very good, much bigger than Kemer. There are extensive floating pontoons, which look completely sound and safe, one of which we are berthed sterns-to. The pontoons berths are laid out from a central artery, which people call "The Runway". Now I know why. It's because 'The Runway" is a very wide pontoon with floor lights along it's outer edges along it's full length and when cycling back from happy hour last night it was an eerie feeling, which is like landing on a runway at night. The marina buildings certainly have a newness about them, as does just about everything in Marina di Ragusa marina, which I believe was only opened 2 or 3 years ago. The marina is certainly attracting lots of yachties for winter berth. So far we have Gemini, Pooh Bear, Quest, Southern Star and Hob Knob (already here) and Indigo and Eireene (due in soon) - all friends ex-Kemer and all Americans too.
Ironically, after donking most of the way from Seracousa towards here, had a lovely sail in a sea breeze, for the last two hours. Certainly the best sail between Nosos Othoni and here. Idealic at 6 kts riding over only slight seas just off port bow, close reaching F3 with little or no weather helm 'in the groove' and 'on the sweet-spot'.
I was directed to a different berth than indicated in our contract, which is neither hear nor there because we have a good berth with lots of turning space up-front. At present no one berthed alongside us so room to leave RIB in water until cleaned and ready to stow on deck in next few days. Jobs need to be done ahead of this!
The village of Marina di Ragusa is close by. It has a lovely typical village square, surrounded by coffee-bars and restaurants Italian style. Enjoyed an absolutely lovely cappuccino yesterday - local prices too! There's a beach nearby where Hob-nob tell me there's good swimming and the local shops provide almost everything likely to be needed. Marina di Ragusa is certainly winding down after summer and seems only to be frequented by locals and yachties - no signs of land-based tourists. Lots of B&B signs so maybe it's mainly a quiet family resort. Yesterday took a bike-ride to nearby town Santa Crose Camerina to buy our 4th internet dongle. Our Turkcel, Cosmote & Vodaphone dongles from Turkiye & Greece are all locked. Quite a ride on a little folding-bike! Up hill and down dale with long stretches and about 5 - 6 miles away with fast moving traffic close by. It's the odd articulated lorry, which is mostly unnerving. I'm not used to the saddle yet so need to adjust my packaging (discretely) from time to time. Not the most elegant job whilst peddling and having small wheels, which tend to over-steer when adjusting right side with left hand, doesn't help (even with shorts on!).
Sussed-out electric and water connections - how to turn them on/off. This way no surprise bills for kWh's consumed when not berthed in the marina (a small gripe of mine in the past).
It's a tough life having good sunshine in October, clear skies, 30º towards midday, tied-up to a pontoon. Unfortunately loads of jobs need doing in preparation for the forthcoming winter so must crack-on now. Only 14 more sleeps to next honeymoon with My Lover, who I hope to speak and see on skype pretty soon today?