On hook Baia dos Anjos, Santa Maria, Azores 37:00.39N 25:09.48W

Sue & Alan
Sun 29 Jun 2014 18:34
An absolutely lovely sail from Ponta Delgada, light winds, close hauling and calm seas. We decided to go on hook here because it would have been another couple of hours had we proceeded towards the marina on south coast. Instead we can expect a relatively calm overnight, though be it a little roly! We are the only yacht here too, which is rather pleasant for us. Seabed is mostly rocks although Sue thinks her near-perfect vision found us a patch of sand to drop our hook in. I think maybe we are on rock because our hook 'caught' remarkably well.  That's it for today and very pleased too. 53NM in about 9½ hours with just few minutes on donk either end.
Night night and love to our GC's