Ormos Sikies, SW Evia 38:16.4N 24:06.4E

Sue & Alan
Thu 8 Sep 2016 13:02

Did about 20NM yesterday from Rafti towards Nisos Xero, Evia and today, enjoyed another 20NM sail towards Ormos Sikies. These last two anchorages have been pleasantly quiet and very pretty. Only 4 or 5 yachts on hook last night and we're only yacht here today. There's plenty room for others if any show up? If it stays like this we'll certainly be enjoying the seclusion. These last 2 sails have been outstandingly enjoyable. Winds strengthening as we crossed bays, between headlands, seeing up to 25kn typically achieving 8, even 9kn boat speed. Must admit, 3 hour passages does let us enjoy the calmness when we're back on the hook enjoying a salad lunch and beer.
Yesterday squiddy caught us a nice young blue-fin tuna. There was no way this one was gonna get away. The hook had passed through it's eye socket and into it's mouth. It didn't resist too much and found itself upside down, head in bucket, 'till I was ready to gut and fillet it once settled on hook. Sue don't like fresh killed tuna too much although we really did enjoy (fresh) fish 'n chips last night!
No fishing today 'cause I know what's good for me. In any event, dealing with a squiddy with a tuna stuck to it's arse ain't easiest thing when sailing like today.

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