Ormos Vathi, Nisos Astipalia 36:37.14N 26:23.77E

Sue & Alan
Tue 6 Oct 2015 10:33
Picked-up a decent NW'ly F4-F5 after clearing Nisos Ios early yesterday morning, then enjoyed another really good sail for next few hours until about 8NM short of our destination. At that time first the wind backed then it became too light anyway. The seas were pretty 'orrible and it became almost impossible to keep our sails filled, so after several sail-changes to do what we could in the changing conditions we eventually did the inevitable (and sensible) thing and resorted to the donk. This did give us good opportunity to have fully charged batteries when we settled here! Very pleased with the passage, 80% sailing and 20% donk (reverse rolls?) and an average speed exceeding 7kn (all made good) meant the 58NM passage took just 8 hours (give or take a nats-nudger).
This place, Vathi, is one our all-time favourites. I hung-out here for few days 3 years ago when going t'other way. As we entered Sue said "We've been here before and ate in that taverna over there". Couldn't wait to check-out our old log-book and fair enough, Sue & I did drop hook here 8 years ago when we brought our previous yacht across to Turkiye! I have to admit not realising this when I was last here though but with Sue's prompt...... I do remember now!
We are thinking we'll stay here few days, maybe move further East on Friday, when the winds pick-up bit stronger (again). "Be careful what yeahs wish for" comes to mind because we don't want to encourage any 'orrible winds to haunt us!
The 6516kHz net has come back to life. It never actually 'died' but got near to it when s/y Feisty & s/y Lulu arrived at their winter destination Brindisi (Italy). Yesterday morning several yachties chatted and this morning (which isn't a net-day anyway) s/y's Blue Velvet, Sondella, Quest & Ticketeeboo had a good chin-wag.
We have 27ºC and the seawater is an inviting 25ºC and the wind's hovering between 10 & 18kn after making it's way over the hillsides. Planning to take RIB ashore this afternoon for a mid-late afternoon 'dinner'. Of recent, we've been enjoying a scoff during the afternoon and sometimes missing an evening meal completely. We don't miss-out on our evening vino-plonko or G&T's though.
Love to F,S,J&P and S,T,R&M xxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 05/10/2015 14:00 UT our position was 36°37.13'N 026°23.77'E