Koiladhia, E Peloponese 37:25.0N 23:07.9E

Sue & Alan
Fri 25 Sep 2015 06:26
Relatively short 13NM, mostly on donk in very light winds yesterday. Visited the boatyard where we plan to use next year and very impressed. Joined by our friends Pam & Steve s/y Eirene - enjoying bit of a boozy afternoon and evening meal in their good company.
Our weather seems reasonably settled with the promise of just a little rain from time to time over the next few days, followed by more seasonal meltemi N'ly winds, which should serve us very nicely later next week when we start island-hopping across the Aegean.
Koiladhia appears very traditional. Being back-end of the season there are very few tourists and the locals we've met and spoken to are very friendly so we can look forward to coming back here next year.
There's a very large cave, dating back to 4000BC and we are planning to visit this morning before we move on towards Nisos Spetsai, where we plan to resume jollifications this evening.

Love to J,P F & S and R,M,S & T xxxxx