Departing Marina Porto Santo

Sue & Alan
Thu 10 Oct 2013 10:16

Had energetic bike ride along south coast of Porto Santo yesterday, visiting the west end of this lovely beach. Robinson Crusoe could be re-filmed here with no props needed. It's that quiet! Scarcely any people on the beach at all despite there being clean golden fine sand the whole length of about 4 km. Our weather is quite settled because there is a stable 'high' over this part of the world. In contrast there is a very nasty 'low' to the NW of us, which is well away from us and heading up north towards Europe. We're obviously happy to have what we've got!
We're well stored-up (again). Our last visit to the local supermarket being to buy more ice-creams, which are my speciality after Sue's cooked in the evening! Fridge man visited day before yesterday and as requested, put a whiff of R134a into our refrigerator compressor. Pleased to say it had an immediate beneficial effect and our fridge is now performing a chilly as ever. No more need to freeze water to supplement the fridge cooling. (We get the bill today). The one remaining gremlin from our passage here is to fix our 2 x deck-lights. I've been up the mast and removed the offending bulbs, which are actually 50W aircraft bulbs (presumably used as landing lights?). There's little chance of finding replacement bulbs in the immediate future. I've identified what we need on the internet and will probably get these bits in UK and bring out next time. We have one deck-light still working, not expecting to be doing any extensive overnight passages either, so can get by for now. Might even re-design the arrangement because 3 x 50W lights is a lorra power to suck out of our batteries anyway. LED's would be much better - perhaps a little project for me to do next time home UK?
Our intention is to go on the hook, outside of here for maybe one night, then pick up the hook next and head towards Madeira, where we can drop hook in another good anchorage for maybe couple of nights, before going into the sister Marina De Lorde at Madeira, where we plan to stay for say 3 days and play tourists, maybe even give Sue a night-off from cooking? (Yeah can't do too much for a good woman!)
We've picked-up Facebook pages from J & P as well R & M. Gee our Grandchildren look lovely.
Tattybye for now - we needing to pay-up and check-out, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS Jennifer informs me I need Sue to proof check my spelling on earlier postings. By way of explanation, I am an engineer and notoriously engineers make good lovers not spellers! Also, some postings are produced dead-cheap on Kindle and Kindle only has farting little keys and is sometime finikey to use. Good explanations eh?