On hook Dhiakofti, Nisos Lithira 36:15.8N 23:05.0E

Sue & Alan
Sat 19 May 2012 18:24
Up again at 6 after a rolly-night at Ormos Milou where there was lots
of heavy rain too. No sooner underway than a text came in saying
"Freya Elizabeth Higgins arrived quickly at 02:47 hours on 19th May.
At home as planned. A very lady-like 7lb 3oz in weight xxxx" obviously
sent by Jennifer. So happy for Paul and Jennifer and of sourse Seth
and Freya too. I know Sue is also tickled pink, as I am.When the text
came in I had already set Ticketeeboo up for sailing and was settling
into a really good beam reach. Full main and two reefs in the genoa
seeing 9kts and flying along. This was too good to last and just
contemplating swapping genoa for gib when I heard a conspicuous
'crack' and saw the genoa go flying full out by itself. The furling
line had unexpectedly and inconveniently detatched from the furler. Oh
pooh! Too much sail out now so dived down wind to win some breathing
space putting genoa in lee of the main. No chance of furling the
genoa. Plan B, prepare for close-haul to depower the main and furl it
away. I could now sail happily beam-reaching on just the genoa whilst
exploring options safely. I had a fresh pot of tea getting cold so no
urgency and bags of time now.Safety gear on and working at the pointy
bit I was able to part dismantle the broken furler drum and as I
removed each bit I brought it down to the saloon so as not to loose
anything. Umfortunately when I removed one part I didn't realise
another part became loose. The jigsaw undid itself as the furler
continued to move and a part now sleeps with the fist. Fortunately I
have been able to do a temporary repair and after 2 hours on the jon I
was able to successfully furl the naughtly geoa and set a new course
towards Lithera. using jib and main. To celebrate a good result
Idecided to sort my fishing rod out again. About 3
hours before here I got a bite and had to get both sails in so that I
could try and land the whatever's on the hook. An Aldi luer at that!
It took be nearly an hour to land it. I shot it twice whilst still in
the water, with me spear gun and it was still alive when I got it on
the aft deck. Wll it was before I acked it one on top of its head with
my lump hammer! I photo'd it. Weighed it and measured its length. 8kg
and 70cm. It took me another hour to descale it,.gut it and cut it up
ino tuna steaks. I now have a freezer with a lot of bagged portions
tuna steaks. Yummy! Just my luck to have already defrosted prawns for
On hok now after 78NM taking 14 hours and a ver busy and eventful day.
So pleased for Jennifer and Paul. Sue and I are now proud tripple
Grandparents with Rachel expecting in October as well. Even though
this is a dry shi I think I will wet the head of our new Grindaughter
this evening. Night night My Lover xxxxx