Anse A La Barque, Guadalupe 16:05.26N 061:46'21W

Sue & Alan
Wed 5 Mar 2014 01:28
Beautiful evening tonight. Little sail (with last few miles on donk) approx 18NM today and now on hook on west coast of Guadaloupe. Strangely, when we arrived here and until just after sunset we had a sea-breeze. Post sunset we're now back to normal with light E'ly'ies. The byte of this bay is filled with about 20'ish yachts/open stinkpots on mooring buoys and there are only about 3 of us (visiting) on the hook. Likely we will be here couple of days.
Bit of fun on way here. I noticed a clothes peg in our cockpit drain. Not wanting this to get trapped in the through-hull valve I attempted to pick it up. Unfortunately I missed and it went downwards into the black-'ole. Bollucks me thinks. Toolbox out, grid removed and in with a wire. Now't forthcoming! Bollucks again. Recent prezzie from Michael & Rachel comes into use, which is an eye-spy flexi torch. No dice though! The peg has gone further in. Cut a long story short here's the bullet points. (i) I needed to dismantle the whole friggin upper line, which is 2" ID hose & fittings, plus upper valve. Voila (after more than an hour) the offending peg is ejected! Unfortunately, in process of removing the friggin tight hoses on the barbed fittings I caught a control light lens cover on our watermaker electrical panel! It took me another 2 hours to find this after lunch. Jobs boxed-up just before 5 pm. Where's the day gone? I should be pleased really because in the process of dismantling
several hose fittings I was able to re-jig the arrangement and it now looks much prettier! Also, whilst searching for the missing bits I noticed our engine space ventilation duct (a 100mm flexible hose) had split, thus allowing hot air to recirculate within the engine space. Not good! Hence, another repair needing doing straight away! All in all........... more work than expected today!
Whilst in last anchorage at Les Saintes we got to know Sandra & Calros on s/y Namaste. Two new friends from Brazil. We are hoping they follow us here because we owe them a lunch!
After here we're aiming to head further north up Guadaloupe to another anchorage. Maybe crossing towards Angigua at or soon after next weekend.
Happy Birthday Sophie (yesterday) xxxxxxx
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