Lanzarote (doing the touristy bit)

Sue & Alan
Wed 23 Oct 2013 19:45
This morning we picked-up our hire car at the marina. The hire company have their own office here so hiring a car is a sinch. It seems they only offer 'fully inclusive insurance' which is good because most cars are already marked, one way or t'other.
We went to the National Park 'Montanas del Fuego Timanfaya'. Spectacular is the only way we can describe the landscape.
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On return journey we stopped for mid-afternoon lunch at a very traditional restaurant.Here we ordered a mixed-grill lunch, which was very good and leaves us with an exceptionally big doggy bag to feed on for at least two more meals.
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 Lovely day all-round being tourists and another car-hire touristy day tomorrow too! Tonight, we will have a small light snack and now't else.
Now have regular internet available, having purchased another 1GB/month on SIM. This means we can send/receive emails, catch-up with family & friends on FB and not have to resort to fiddley farting keys using 'kindle'. Worth €20 just to make life easier on the internet when wifi is illusive or troublesome.
Have checked-out diesel prices here and pleasantly surprised to find just over €1/litre. Not as good as Gibraltar (74p/litre) although much better than Porto Santo and Madeira (thinks about €1.70/litre). May as well fill-up when we come to depart because unlikely to be much less anywhere else for now?

Whilst checking fuel prices I found the reported 'polished bollards' which Bob - s/y Godspeed is very interested in.
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.......... and then Sue beavering away, catching-up on emails. (Notice the G&T is almost gone?)
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